Monday, August 30, 2010

A Time to grieve, a time to heal, let it be.

I am beginning a journey of deep and painful release. As with so many  journeys of the soul the road is a bit uncharted and unfamiliar. I have never blogged, read a blog, considered blogging, nor do I know anything about it. Though I do know one thing. I am in a time of transformation. And my current process is calling me to reach out and in at the same time. As I was studying this morning, of mourning, I saw a spiral. One that was moving two directions, out and in. I wondered what it would look like to travel a path in this way. Next thing ya know I am blogging. So this is my first of many posts. I call, like yelling in an empty canyon, full of hidden life. "Hello"..... "is there anyone here?" This morning of mourning the answer is yes I Am.